The expression “pay it forward” is used to describe the concept of asking that a good turn be repaid by having it done to others instead. It can be expressed through kind words, a monetary donation, or a fundraiser. We wanted to inspire you during this upcoming holiday season to pay it forward in your community by featuring the story of how one photography studio “paid  it forward” over the summer.
Elevate Photography of Denver, Colorado is known for wedding, family, and senior portrait photography however they stepped outside the box and spent a day photographing man’s best friend.  After Ryan, one of the studio’s Principal photographers, adopted a 3 year old black lab from Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue last fall, he was inspired to open his lens up to the 4 legged friends! The Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue consists of a group of volunteers that find and re-home rural and local Labrador retrievers and Lab mixes. Denver is known for being one of the country’s top dog friendly cities so Ryan knew it wouldn’t be hard to find owners wanting to show off their pups! Ryan had the help of Katie, who is an Associate photographer at the studio, and together they dedicated a full day to the event.  They used Facebook, flyers at local dog grooming/specialty stores, dog parks, and word of mouth referrals to generate buzz.  Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue also helped spread the word through their blog and Facebook pages. Facebook proved to be the most effective way of getting the word out, and former clients who follow them on the social media networks helped spread the word like wildfire. In exchange for a session and a free 8×10, all participants brought at least 20 lbs of dog food. The studio scheduled 15 minutes with each dog throughout the day and ended up with 23 sessions, over 700 lbs of dog food, and $100 in cash donations.   Their studio had never seen so many wagging tales and wet noses in one day!   The food donations helped offset a large portion of the costs it takes to bring the dogs through the Rocky Mountain Rescue program.  

Ryan and Katie posted the edited photos up shortly after the session on and uploaded a video on YouTube. They used the print credit feature to give each client one free 8×10 with free shipping.  The credit system was automated for the studio and several customers even ordered additional prints. After receiving an overwhelming response to this first fundraiser, Elevate Photography plans on making this a yearly event!

Click here to view all of the images from the event!

Have you “paid it forward” recently? Tell our Marketing Team about it!