In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month we encourage you to help make a difference. The elusive ideal that you can effect change in the world is no longer elusive, but reality.  You can be one of  many to give your time and session fees from one day to help find a Cure!
Kristen Weaver of Kristen Weaver Photography in Orlando, FL is an internationally published fashion and wedding photographer who has worked throughout her career in photography to find a way to give back to the community. Not only is she a philanthropist at heart, she saw how a close friend’s family was deeply affected by Breast Cancer. As a result she was inspired to create Images for a Cure as a way for photographers to use their talents to give back, make a difference, and contribute through this annual event to help promote The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®, the beneficiary charity. In it’s first year, 2009, Images for a Cure came from a small idea and turned into an international event including  239 photographers, 44 states, 3 countries and $12,900 raised. 2010 was a year of transition with new logos, branding, website, becoming legally incorporated, and the introduction of their first workshop as a way to promote the event year round. Now with over $35,000 raised Images for a Cure is in its third year and continuously growing. Not only have hundreds of photographers helped in this cause, but makeup artists, videographers, and vendors have contributed their time and products. So there are many different ways to give your time, energy, or money to help find the Cure! How Can You Make a Difference? Photographers may register as a Pink ($0), Gold ($50), or Platinum ($155) participating member. While each level of participation has varying  perks, every registered member will be provided with all marketing materials needed to promote their event to customers (logos, etc…) and will also be placed on the Find a Photographer page. Once you’re  registered, you are encouraged to choose your own session dates, plans, and pricing. As part of participating, you agree to donate 100% of your session fees to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®, via the FirstGiving page. The sessions normally take place during the fall (usually October and November) and some photographers may open 1 session date, while others may open 5.

Learn more and register to become an Images for the Cure Photographer!

The Workshop
The second part of the cause is an annual workshop. The workshop is a 2-day learning intensive program that typically has one day of speaking and one day of shooting under some of the most talented, funny, and business-savvy photographers in the country! The featured guests aren’t career motivational speakers. These are true-life, successful photography studio owners who make their living by booking clients – not selling things or writing books. They won’t try to get you to buy anything, or tell you that you can’t be successful without a crazy 60 lb. camera bag and boom stand that they developed. They’re real. And they’re really entertaining! Read about the 2011 workshop and watch the 2011 Workshop Video.
The Spring 2012 Workshop is currently being planned to host around 200 photographers and an amazing group of speakers on March 13th and 14th at the Mezz in Orlando, FL. Visit the Images for a Cure Facebook page to join the e-mail list to stay up to date with workshop announcements! is excited to partner with Kristen Weaver and the Images for a Cure team again this year! We hope you’ll join in spreading the word about this fabulous national campaign dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer!