Our goal in 2012 is to help you book clients. While we obviously cannot physically be in consultations with you, we can provide you literature and galleries to make you stand out from the next photographer. Below are two products that we hope you will customize and make your own this year!

1. Non-branded Product Catalog. While catalog sales have soared,  the stories we’ve heard from photographers using it on day-to-day basis to increase sales for their studio are what make us happy!  Order your copies in collagesColor + ROES for just $1.75/each. At Imaging USA Kyle Bergner of Kyle Bergner Photography told us how she added a long sticker to the top and used the non-branded catalog with her clients:

I had been toying with the idea of creating a brochure specifically to highlight the products my studio offers when the new non-branded catalog from Collages.net came to my attention.  I recently made the decision to offer Collages.net products exclusively in conjunction with the online proofing system and had ordered all new sample albums and prints in preparation for 2012.  I was also interested in reaching out to past clients who had not ordered albums or other products.  The non-branded catalog gives me the perfect marketing tool to introduce past and future clients to all the wonderful products available to them through my studio.  I include a catalog in my sales kit when meeting with potential clients, it is packaged with each delivery of a disk or album and I intend to send them in the mail to all my past clients in hopes of generating additional revenue through product sales!

2.  ONLINE version of our non-branded product catalog. Since the printed product catalog was incredibly well-received, we immediately began crafting an online version (available in dark and light theme). Photographers are now using this site during consultations, sending it to out of town clients, or adding to their website so a prospective clients can view all of the products you offer. One major piece of feedback we have received is the capability to add studio information (logo, contact info) to the site. While we don’t have an immediate solution to make it customizable for each photographer, Jack Dean of Jack Dean Photography shared with us how he merged the non-branded product site into his website using an HTML IFRAME. Read Jack’s story below, and make the non-branded website yours!

Like many other photographers today, I do all of the work on my website. I’m always looking for great content to show my potential clients but it needs to blend well with my existing branding. Collages.net’s non-branded online catalog looked like a pretty good fit for me and by displaying it using an HTML IFRAME tag, any updates to the catalog are automatically added to my site without any additional work on my part. There are both dark and light themes available, so use the theme that best suites your site. It’s all done with a single line of code: <iframe src=”http://www.prostudioproducts.com/theme-dark” height=”2500″ width=”1000″ scrolling=”no”></iframe> I have set the scrolling option to “no” and use a fixed width window size larger than the maximum size of the catalog that hides the scroll bars used for moving around the window and furthers the impression that the content is part of my site. Below is a screenshot of what the product section of my website currently looks like: Please feel free to view my product section in it’s entirety. And for more information about the IFRAME tag visit this site.
If you have a story you’d like to share about how you made one our non-branded products your own, please send us an e-mail to marketing@collages.net.