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Kristen Weaver Photography and The Mill Photography Studio.

No RX Clonidine, [divider]

Kristen Weaver of Kristen Weaver Photography in Oviedo, FL spoke to us about a recent portrait session she shot. 200mg Clonidine, She said, “I occasionally host one-on-one photographer workshops, Clonidine craiglist, 40mg Clonidine, and had the honor of hosting a photographer from South Carolina one day in January. As part of the day, Clonidine overseas, 500mg Clonidine, we did a session of a real couple and chose Dayari and Joel. Dayari actually asked me to shoot her wedding, 30mg Clonidine, Clonidine uk, but I was already booked. Luckily, Clonidine usa, Clonidine india, her sister hired me for her own wedding a month later. Since we missed the opportunity to work together for Dayari’s wedding, we knew it would be a great experience to shoot together for the workshop!”

Click here to see the entire event!



Tyler Schmitt of The Mill Photography Studio in Austin, TX told us about one of his recent weddings, No RX Clonidine. He said, Clonidine coupon, Clonidine australia, “The University of Texas has been a huge part of Keri and Greg’s story so having the wedding and reception at the beautiful UT golf club was a natural fit. Greg was one of the handlers for UT’s Longhorn mascot, 20mg Clonidine, 750mg Clonidine, Bevo, at football games and on road trips so it only made sense for the longhorn to be a guest, Clonidine paypal. 100mg Clonidine, Keri is a morning news anchor for the Austin FOX affiliate and it was fun to see so many faces from TV at the reception. Though the wedding day was cold and rainy, 250mg Clonidine, 150mg Clonidine, everyone still had a great time.”

Click here to see the entire gallery!

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No RX Tindamax, A few weeks ago chose Darla Sharp as the winner of a pass to the Images for a Cure Workshop held March 13-14th in Orlando, FL. She shared her incredible experience with us below!



What was your motivation behind applying for’s Images for a Cure Workshop sponsorship, 50mg Tindamax. 40mg Tindamax, Why were you so passionate to attend?

I’ve been a photographer for over two decades, but this industry keeps changing, Tindamax japan. 500mg Tindamax, I’ve found myself wanting to explore new avenues to keep my photography fresh and “alert”. When I found out about this particular workshop I was even more interested, 100mg Tindamax. Personally, my family has been inundated with cancer fears; both realized and unrealized, No RX Tindamax. Tindamax india, Breast cancer runs on both sides of our family and the knowledge that it could one day touch my two daughter’s lives makes it all the more scary. It is an honor to be able to utilize this workshop in a way that strengthens my kids financial future by making me a better photographer and contributing to breast cancer awareness and research, Tindamax uk. Tindamax coupon,  


What did you learn at the IFAC workshop that you will bring back and incorporate into your own photography business?

Probably the most impactful information I took away from the workshop was delivered by Becka and Nate, Orlando based wedding photographers, Tindamax overseas, 20mg Tindamax, on how to market to the“millennial” genre. Even though I was a little depressed to learn I was too old to be a part of this cool, Tindamax mexico, 750mg Tindamax, hip generation (you have to be born between 1979-2000), I did learn what makes this group tick and how my brand can work to appeal to their community, Tindamax paypal. No RX Tindamax, Becka and Nate shared incredible statistics like “45% of millennials would rather give up their sense of smell than their laptop or computer”. Tindamax australia, I had to stop and think about that for a minute or two, which again gives away the fact that I am NOT of that generation, 250mg Tindamax. Tindamax us, So how can we appeal to this computer savvy, social media addicted generation, Tindamax usa. 10mg Tindamax, “Gimmicks fall flat. Integrity wins, Tindamax ebay, 30mg Tindamax, ” Becka said. Definitely something I’ll be pondering deeply in the days ahead, No RX Tindamax.

Who was your favorite speaker, Tindamax canada. 1000mg Tindamax, Why. What did he/she present on?

Although all of the speakers brought something definitive and important to the table, Tindamax craiglist, 200mg Tindamax, by far my favorite speaker was Joey Wright, an Orlando based photographer specializing in the fashion and commercial industry, 150mg Tindamax. Joey spoke about gear in a way I have never heard another professional speak before; with the authority of someone who’s learned the hard way. No RX Tindamax, His desire to share his lessons with the rest of us to spare us the same agony and anxiety clearly made him my favorite. I am a visual person by nature and the mental pictures Joey shared (of forgetting his camera bag in a hotel or not using a sandbag on his light stand) along with his gear solutions to make our shoots easier were invaluable.

{Joey Wright explaining gear choices and options and showing how he personally uses his}


What was your absolute FAVORITE part about Images for a Cure?

After two days of non-stop learning, I would have to say my favorite part of the workshop was the networking with other photographers. In addition to many local Central Florida photographers, I was happy to meet and get to know photographers from New Jersey, Georgia, and Colorado. Many of these photographers have recently had breast cancer take a toll on their personal and family life. One photographer’s mother had just been diagnosed, No RX Tindamax. Another photographer had just lost his mother to breast cancer. There were new photographers there, just getting started in their career as well as veteran photographers who freely shared their experiences during the break sessions. Regardless of where each person was in their career, the consensus was the same: it’s time to give something back.

Would you recommend the IFAC Workshop to your photographer colleagues. Please explain.

No RX Tindamax,  
If you ever get the chance to attend an IFAC workshop, I HIGHLY recommend it. In my opinion, there’s always something to be learned no matter how “old” you are physically or figuratively. This industry has changed tremendously since I started 23 years ago. Back then there were no workshops because photographers were hesitant to share. Today we’re learning a valuable lesson in this industry - there’s strength in numbers. Thank you,, for the opportunity to attend the Images for a Cure Workshop.

[divider]Click here to learn more about Images for a Cure.

All photos (c) Darla Sharp Photography.

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How Can I be Featured as Website of the Week?

Discount Imitrex,  

We get that question all...of....the...time. And we love answering it. If you've seen us at tradeshows, Imitrex japan, called us, 250mg Imitrex, or sent us an e-mail, chances are you've asked us at that question.

For those who are unfamiliar with our Website of the Week (WOW) program, Imitrex australia, every week our Marketing team features one portrait and one wedding site to showcase our photographer’s exceptional work!  We've run Website of the Week since 2000 as a means to inspire other photographers and it is our most widely read email. Imitrex mexico, Having a down moment or stuck in an artistic rut. Let the weekly WOW inspire you as a professional photographer, Discount Imitrex.

We try our darnedest to help professional photographers run profitable businesses, and that's one of the ways we try to help: to always be inspired and constantly motivated to try new things, 150mg Imitrex. Another way we try to inspire our customers is through our brand new Design of the Week program. 200mg Imitrex, Our designers feature one Album or Coffee Table Book design per week as another way to keep you, our favorite photographers motivated as they  their various styles across different markets.


While rumors of chocolate covered strawberries and cookies sent to customer service have been heard over the years, Imitrex paypal, to be entirely honest, 10mg Imitrex, there's no exact science for being chosen as WOW.  The photographer's images determine if they make the first cut. Discount Imitrex, Style, subjects, and lighting are all main contributors in us choosing the particular site but keep in mind that this is not a formal photographic competition and we're  focused on more than just the images alone.  Once we recognize the photography is up to our standards, the second major factor is the venue and the composition of the event site.

To fully understand what we're talking about here, let's dissect one of our recent Websites of the Week from Kristen Weaver Photography, 50mg Imitrex. We've provided a screenshot below for you to follow along, Imitrex india, but also feel free to view the entire gallery.


1. Feature Photo: We sort through thousands of uploaded events each week and are looking for a few specific things, but one of the main things that catches our Marketing team's eye is a unique feature photo.  Make sure you choose the right image as the feature photo before you launch your next event site, 40mg Imitrex.

2. Categories : Sorting through hundreds of images (especially for a wedding) in just one category can be daunting to any user, Discount Imitrex. Imitrex overseas, Our Marketing team prefers clean, organized websites where the images are categorized based on the events of the day. It a much more pleasing experience to the user, Imitrex canada. Though it's more work on the front end for photographers, 100mg Imitrex, their sales on the back end makes it time well spent!  They also then also serve as useful links to share with prospective customers.  “Wow honey, this photographer is super organized.  Look at these beautiful images.”

3. Studio Logo: Branding is very important to your studio.  Make sure your studio's logo is setup to appear on your event sites, Imitrex coupon. Discount Imitrex, If you have yet to upload your logo, do so here and your logo will be added to all past and future sites. Don’t have a logo?  Let us, Imitrex craiglist, er...gently suggest that you get one...tomorrow.

4. Social Media Links: GO VIRAL, Imitrex us. Our photographers report that utilizing social networks has been the best thing they ever did for their business. On your event sites, link to your Blog, Facebook page, and/or Twitter accounts to let prospective clients see more of you, Discount Imitrex. 750mg Imitrex, We love when our photographers display all of the cool features available on our sites, so if you have these linked up your site earns extra points. To setup your Social Media links click here and click edit next to "Add a link to your studio's social network." Once you set this up, Imitrex uk, your social media icons will display underneath the feature photo for all of event sites.

5. 30mg Imitrex, Link to Facebook: Your customers can link their images to their personal Facebook page. This feature will allow your clients to easily and quickly link the images to their Facebook. Discount Imitrex, And the link will display on the Newsfeeds of your clients' friends. It's free marketing for your studio, Imitrex ebay. Again, 20mg Imitrex, we love when our photographers display all of the cool features of this site. So though this feature is not completely necessary if you have these linked up, you earn some extra brownie points.  You'll find this feature in the Advanced Settings tab when you upload your next event.

6, 1000mg Imitrex. Heading: Don't try to get too fancy here. Kristen's heading is elegant and provides the user with enough information to know about the images they are about to view, Discount Imitrex. 500mg Imitrex, Sometimes when you try to put the venue, event date, or other information in this section, Imitrex usa, it gets too crowded. Simple always works best.

7. Video: While this is a new feature, photographer who begin including links to a highlight video will begin to be given strong consideration.  Add the video link on the first page of the upload process when  you post your next event.  You can also always go back and add a video link to an existing event site. Log-in Discount Imitrex, and navigate to your Event Manager and click on the settings for your event. Pop in the video link, and a button will appear right below the Facebook button on the left of the page. Check out the video that Elevate Photography added to a site that was a featured WOW this past March.


Once we find an event we want to feature, we e-mail the selected photographer to notify him/her of this honor!  We request a signed release and a brief description of the special occasion. After we have this information compiled, we blog, Facebook, tweet, and e-mail all of our customers with links to view the event site.

If you think that one of your events meets or exceeds what is outlined above, and should be featured as our next Website of the Week please send an e-mail to our Marketing team at

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This week's Websites of the week come to us from Jamie Grant Photography and Kristen Weaver Photography Medrol For Sale, .

Jamie Grant of Jamie Grant Photography in Bloomington, Medrol uk, 30mg Medrol, IL spoke to us about a recent engagement session she shot.  She said, “Shawna and Eric, Medrol craiglist, Medrol mexico, from California, wanted a winter sledding session with some bridge photos because Eric is a Bridge Engineer, 250mg Medrol. Medrol canada, The couple naturally had a good time together so it was easy to get some great shots on one of Bloomington's only bridges.  Despite running into a bench and breaking part of the sled on the first run down, they had a great time and we got some great photos!”

Click here to see the entire gallery!

Kristen Weaver of Kristen Weaver Photography in Oviedo, Medrol india, Medrol usa, FL told us about a wedding she shot in Fort Lauderdale. She said, Medrol paypal, Medrol coupon, “Lauren and Tyler were married in a yacht-club inspired winter wedding. Having been engaged on a fishing trip, 50mg Medrol, 200mg Medrol, they integrated a nautical classic elegance into their entire day. One of my favorite details was the wedding band they used from Tyler's grandfather, 40mg Medrol, Medrol overseas, inscribed with his wedding date 9/16/40. A couple rich in tradition, 1000mg Medrol, 500mg Medrol, faith, and sophistication, Medrol ebay, 150mg Medrol, proved that even a modern wedding can still be classic and timeless!”

Click here to see the entire gallery!

. Medrol us. 100mg Medrol. Medrol japan. Medrol australia. 20mg Medrol. 10mg Medrol. 750mg Medrol.

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Read full post recently had the opportunity to talk to Kristen Weaver of Kristen Weaver Photography Buy Hormone Over The Counter, in Orlando, FL about her studio. Kristen is also the founder of the international photography event to raise money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®, Images for a Cure.

Kristen Weaver

How did you get into the photography business?
It’s a funny story. Hormone paypal, I’ve always liked photography, and I was always the girl with the camera running around taking pictures. It really started when I was in a graphic design class in college and one of my assignments was to design the cover of a magazine. I went to a stock photo site to look for images to use in the design and saw how terrible the photos were, buy Hormone Over The Counter. I thought that I could take photos that were much better than that, so I got a friend to model for me, 10mg Hormone. She ended up really liking her pictures and she asked me to take her photos for a beauty pageant. From there, I started shooting my sorority sisters and started a kind of business from my dorm room. 150mg Hormone, I wasn’t charging anybody anything, but I asked them to buy the film for me, and I would keep one set of the prints for myself.

Buy Hormone Over The Counter, That’s a great story. How did you get into shooting weddings?
By the time college was winding down, I had come into contact with a local wedding photographer and asked if she needed any help because shooting weddings sounded like fun, 1000mg Hormone. I started working with her for about two years while I was also working a full-time job, so photography was more of a hobby at that point. I was shooting about 50 weddings a year on top of my job. Hormone craiglist, When I was working for her, I had to shoot using her style, which was hard for me. I also wasn’t able to meet with the clients prior to the wedding, which made it difficult to really get a feel for them, buy Hormone Over The Counter. Now that I have my own studio, I start working with my clients for about a year before their wedding and I get so personally close to them, Hormone coupon, that I shoot on a whole different level. When I was shooting for someone else's studio, it was never really like that. Hormone india,

How long have you been in the photography business?
In October 2009, I started my full-time photography business. Before that, I've been shooting since about 2003.

How would you describe your style? Buy Hormone Over The Counter, I call it a fusion between fashion and love. It’s modern and fresh, 750mg Hormone, which is important to me, too. It took me a long time to find my own style and my own footing. 40mg Hormone, I got so burnt out from shooting so many weddings with a full-time job, which is why I switched over to shooting fashion. I didn’t have any intentions of shooting weddings again, but the same friends who got me started in photography started asking me to shoot their weddings, which is how it all started back up again, Hormone japan. Once I learned that I could translate what I love about fashion into weddings – that’s when I started loving weddings again, buy Hormone Over The Counter. I love the feeling and energy in fashion, which is what I try to bring into weddings. I’ve been really fortunate to have brides that are really into fashion photography and trust my creative vision. 50mg Hormone,

What inspires you?
It really is all about the energy. I don’t know if there’s a way I can describe it, but it’s all about art, freedom, and energy, 100mg Hormone.

What gear do you use? Buy Hormone Over The Counter, I’m all Nikon and I shoot with a D700.

Do you have a favorite lens?
Yes. The 50mm 1.4.

Do you post everything you shoot online?
Yes. Hormone australia, How do you think online posting benefits your studio?
I think it provides me with a lot of referrals. When I send my brides a link to their event site, people start contacting me and say they found me from my client’s event site, buy Hormone Over The Counter. The system is so easy to use for my clients. I also use event sites as demo sites for many of my potential clients. Most of my bookings happen without me meeting my clients since I book a lot of people who aren’t local for destination events. To have the ability to show them something online gives me a great way to show an entire wedding to a potential client when I can't sit down with them and show them a physical album, Hormone mexico.

What products do you offer to your clients and how do you position products in your studio? Buy Hormone Over The Counter, I went through phases when I tried to offer as much as I could, which got really confusing for my clients. I have two packages that are traditional, digital packages that include coverage and a disc of images. However, 500mg Hormone, I use’s online posting with all of my clients and that in itself has been super helpful. My clients get so excited by the fact that they can send a link to the site to their friends and family and purchase their photos directly on the site.

Do you use Facebook or other social networking sites. How do they benefit your studio?
Facebook, Twitter, and my blog are pretty much all I use in terms of marketing, buy Hormone Over The Counter. It’s so weird because it doesn’t cost anything and I’m not super professional on Twitter on Facebook all the time, but people hire me based on me, 20mg Hormone. I try to keep a little bit of a separation between my personal and professional life and keep control over what I Tweet and Facebook about. What I love about social networking is that at weddings or fashion shoots, I’ll post a Twitpic and put behind the scenes photos of what’s going on and people just love to see them. Hormone overseas, I also use ShootQ as a studio management system, which gives me the ability to track where people heard about me. Buy Hormone Over The Counter, Probably 60-70% of my booked jobs come from Facebook.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day and why?
The details. I think that comes from my love for fashion. I love the hair, Hormone ebay, the clothes, and the makeup. I also love the excitement and the energy and anticipation of the getting ready moments. A very close second would be the bride and groom’s portraits, buy Hormone Over The Counter. 200mg Hormone, What was your best business decision in 2009?
Starting my own business. When my job quit me, I just made the jump and I had a lot of support and encouragement from my fiancée and family who told me to go for it. I don’t think that I ever would have had the courage to quit my job and go full time into the photography business otherwise. I don’t think I would have ever been ready, Hormone usa. Buy Hormone Over The Counter, I made the jump and I realized that when I was working full time, I never had the time I needed to put into the business to watch it grow. I’m so happy that I did it and I’ve grown so much so quickly.

Do you run specials or promotions in your studio?
I think when you run too many specials, it can devalue what you do offer. Hormone canada, I actually raised my prices and stick by them firmly. By not offering specials and promotions, I’ve actually gotten better clients. When I ran specials, my clients seemed to be just looking for the next deal to come around, buy Hormone Over The Counter. The clients that I have now are such good clients that value everything that I do and I’m just sticking to that.

What do you have planned for Images for a Cure in 2010?
I'm really excited about the future of Images for a Cure, 30mg Hormone. We're going through the process of becoming an official non-profit organization, rebranding, and putting together so many amazing tools for our photographers and clients. 250mg Hormone, It's definitely been a challenge to think of ways to surpass the success of our inaugural year, but there has been so much amazing support by our industry. Buy Hormone Over The Counter, I'm really excited and would really encourage other photographers to participate and support this amazing cause with us.

If you could choose anyone to do a photo shoot of you and your family, who would you choose?
I'm actually pretty shy when it comes to being in front of the camera, but I guess if I had to, Hormone us, I'd want to work with Paolo Roversi. He has been an iconic fashion photographers for decades, gracing the pages of Italian Vogue and countless other international fashion magazines. Hormone uk, His style is undeniably unique, his vision is haunting, and his voice continues to impact our industry. It would be an honor to share some brain-time with him.

Is there anything else you’d like to let us know about you?
I would love to meet Simon Cowell, buy Hormone Over The Counter. I have an obsession with sweet tea, and I'm terrified of wet paper.

We would like to thank Kristen for taking the time to talk to us about her studio. Let us know who you would like us to interview next by contacting Who knows, you may be next.

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Buy Medrol No Prescription, As a professional photographer, you are probably aware of how isolating the industry can be. Most professional photographers are self-employed and spend a good amount of the time editing and managing their business alone, 150mg Medrol. Medrol australia, Even the most self-sufficient businesspeople need support at times, which is why networking is so important, Medrol uk. Medrol japan,

Networking isn't just about knowing who's who and meeting people for your own benefit. It's become much more about building relationships and having a support system in place. If you are professional photographer, 50mg Medrol, Medrol ebay, there are countless opportunities to network with others in the industry. Here are just a few ideas for you to consider:

  • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace)

  • Tradeshows (Imaging USA, WPPI, Local PPA tradeshows)

  • CLASS Meetings

  • Local Shootout Groups

We recently spoke to Kristen Weaver of Kristen Weaver Photography and Amanda McMahon of Amanda McMahon Photography, who are big believers in networking, Buy Medrol No Prescription. Kristen recently shot headshots for both Amanda and professional photographer Tabitha McCausland of the bridal blog Hot Pink Brides, 40mg Medrol. 20mg Medrol,

Amanda reflects on why she chose Kristen to shoot her headshots and how important networking has been to her business. She states, Medrol india, 250mg Medrol,  "It was just a natural choice to have Kristen shoot my headshots because we are friends and we feel comfortable together. Most of the time, Medrol canada, 1000mg Medrol, photographers don't like being on the opposite side of the camera, but not me, 30mg Medrol, 500mg Medrol, I am a ham. Buy Medrol No Prescription, Kristen's style fit with where my website is going. I needed something light and airy, 200mg Medrol, Medrol overseas, but me. It was an easy choice."

In regards to the importance of networking, Medrol craiglist, Medrol coupon, Amanda affirms, "It's just as important to network with other photographers as it is your target market because when one photographer is booked, Medrol us, 100mg Medrol, or doesn't shoot for a certain type of market, it's important to have someone else you can refer a client to or be referred from, Medrol paypal. Medrol mexico, When picking which studios to network with, they should be someone you know you can trust and someone you feel comfortable sending your clients to, Medrol usa. 10mg Medrol, Clients trust you to make the right decision and if you can't shoot their event, then they want to know of someone similar who can, 750mg Medrol. Kristen and I are only in the same market when it comes to weddings, but it's easy to refer clients to her if I am not available because I know she shoots similarly to me, Buy Medrol No Prescription. When I had my own photos done, I wanted to show people the photographer I trust and like, so they know that If I go to her, then they can too if I am unavailable or are looking for more of a fashion flair to their photographs."

Kristen agrees: "Getting to know other industry professionals has been widely beneficial. I agree with Amanda in that it's great to know there are others that will take care of clients if I receive an inquiry I'm already booked for. I'm comfortable referring out to these girls because I know that the client will be very well taken care of. It not only gets them the business, but it helps me to make a good name for myself when I refer trustworthy professionals. Buy Medrol No Prescription, It would be great if we could take every client that comes our way, but we can't all the time and it's great to feel good about who I send them to.

From another point - a lot of us spend 95% of our time working (wait, is that just me?!), and it's really nice to have other people that we can connect with who can share in our frustrations and our excitement, who understand the things we go through with clients, vendors, and just owning our own business in general. It's great to meet people who can appreciate and respect each other for our own unique styles and personalities - and look away from the 'competitor' side of things and realize that we're all in the same place. It's who we are that makes us unique - and ultimately, aside from our style, it's what our clients are drawn to. It's why we're hired. There can never be another me, or another Tabitha, or another Amanda - and that's why we can put competition aside and just enjoy and respect each other as friends!"

Empower yourself by getting to know other professional photographers in your area. They provide a support system and can be a great resource for your studio.

Photo Credit: Kristen Weaver Photography.

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